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Living & Working on Bryher: Helen Snowdon

Living & Working on Bryher: Helen Snowdon

Helen is a Holistic therapist who found herself craving an adventure. After stumbling upon a job advert, she jumped at the chance to live and work on Bryher and experience the unique lifestyle.

Helen helps ensure that all guests are relaxed throughout their stay at Hell Bay. A holistic therapist trained in massage, reflexology and aromatherapy, Helen found herself stuck in the Covid rut and wanted a change.

"It was a spur-of-the-moment thing," she says. "I was self-employed at home and was bored one afternoon, so I found myself on a job site. I came across the spa therapist role at Hell Bay, and accommodation was included, so I thought, why not?! The past two years had all been the same because of COVID - and the place looked beautiful - so I thought it would be a nice break from reality."

Within two weeks, Helen had upped sticks from Gloucestershire and was on Bryher.


She threw herself into island life and has been busy all season. She can be found in all areas of the hotel, getting stuck in wherever needed.

"As well as being at the spa at Hell Bay, I’m also a receptionist," she says. "Most days, I’ll have the morning doing treatments with clients, people around the islands and people day-tripping. I’ll spend a couple of hours on reception, and then I’ll head back to the spa."

Helen still can’t believe that she stumbled upon such a beautiful place with such perks. "Working at Hell Bay, you get fed twice a day, and the food is amazing - all the staff are going to leave about three stone heavier," she laughs.

Moreover, she has met many like-minded people at the hotel, other seasonal workers who, like Helen, wanted a change and were ready to throw themselves into island life.

Her days off are full of island activities. "I love being by the sea," says Helen. "I tried a bit of gig rowing which was fun. I also sea swim a lot, and I do some painting, so I’m never bored! On my days off, I borrow Head chef Richard's dog, Harley, taking him on long walks around the island."

If Helen's season on Bryher has inspired you, click below to discover opportunities at Hell Bay for the 2023 season in our Treatment Shed, housekeeping, front-of-house, kitchen, outdoor team and more...

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