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Fitness Retreat

Fitness Retreat

Why this remote island in the British Isles is the ultimate place to retreat to...

Incessant emails, an overflowing to do list, relentless rushing, constant fatigue, a fleeting mind; is the treadmill of modern life taking it’s toll? If you feel a desire to breathe, restore, move, be inspired, escape or simply press the pause button on this relentless ‘on call’ lifestyle then a holistic fitness retreat might be just what the doctor ordered!

Why retreat to Bryher?

30 miles West of Land’s End are the Isles of Scilly, a magical cluster of islands and the last piece of British soil before you hit America. Bryher is the most Westerly of these isles and it’s rugged and raw beauty magnify it’s charm. One of only 5 inhabited islands this extraordinary island boasts unspoilt beaches, rugged cliffs, abundant wildlife and mesmerizing expansive views over the wild Atlantic. It is the perfect place to detox from the digital world and connect with nature, and most importantly reconnect with yourself.

Life here is dictated by the tide, which is an utterly humbling way to live. Children go to school via boat. Fresh seafood is caught and served that day. The community spirit is beyond friendly. Living is aligned with nature and the seasons. The way it is supposed to be.

The healing powers of the sea and sea air have been used to cure depression, skin diseases and insomnia since the 18th century. Not only will a dip supercharge your well being it will rejuvenate your spirit on a number of levels.


Mountain Beach Fitness Retreats offer a 4 day action packed programme which aims to wake up the body and nourish the soul. Their innovative training takes advantage of the stunning natural environment and uses Bryher and the surrounding islands as a playground for outdoor fitness. Try kayaking to an uninhabited island, foraging for sea weed and forgetting the time. Think functional beach circuits, bear crawls, sand sprints, hiking trails, balance work, agility, paddle boards, trail running, guided beach stretch sessions and much more. The outdoor workouts aim to fully immerse you in nature and leave you each day with a glorious feeling of calm and rejuvenation.

The stunning scenery in all directions is a bewitching distraction from the effort you are using and the endless trails serve you with a meditative power. After a day in the elements retreat to the comfort of the Hell Bay Hotel. With sea views in all directions you can put your feet up and recharge. A delicious fresh seasonal menu and mouth watering seafood will feed your body with all the nutrition it deserves.

This remote island gives you the feeling of being completely away from it all. Bryher and it’s insanely beautiful, unique environment creates the ultimate retreat destination.

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The Island of Bryher

The Island of Bryher

White sandy beaches, grassy knolls, and spectacular ocean views.

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